Sunday, March 26, 2006


Fursaxa is Tara Burke or vice versa. This video from the Lantern Theatre in Sheffield sometime 2005. Thirteen minutes of Fursaxa magik....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Village Sunday (1960)

Its 1960 and a Summer Sunday in Greenwich Village New York. 'Bohemians' grab your bongos and get down to Washington Square and play hard. What is amazing about this 12 minute film is in 1960 it was already 10 years since the original beats had done all this. The crowd moves quick in modern culture.

Government and Privacy in the Digital Age

I pause in my video tribute to counter culture figures of the postmodern west to bring you 'Government and Privacy in the Digital Age'. A presentation by the Open Rights Group's Sue Charman and T J McIntyre at Trinity College Dublin 24th Feb 2006. The topics include "ID cards, data retention, the national vehicle tracking database and children’s privacy."

Friday, March 10, 2006

Pull My Daisy (1959)

Pull My Daisy from Altarwise on Vimeo.

Pull My Daisy is a 1959 (the same year as Burroughs' Naked Lunch was published, Keoruac's On the Road was published in 1957) short film that typifies the Beat Generation. Directed by Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie, Daisy was adapted by Jack Kerouac from a stage play he never finished titled The Beat Generation. Kerouac also provided improvised narration. It starred Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Larry Rivers, Peter Orlovsky, David Amram, Richard Bellamy, Alice Neel, Sally Gross and Pablo Frank, Robert Frank's then-infant son.

Based on an incident in the life of Neal Cassady and his wife Carolyn, Daisy tells the story of a railway brakeman whose painter wife invites a respectable bishop over for dinner. However, the brakeman's bohemian friends crash the party.

The Beat philosophy emphasized spontaneity, and the film conveyed the quality of having been thrown together or even improvised. Pull My Daisy was accordingly praised for years as an improvisational masterpiece, until Leslie revealed in a November 28, 1968 article in the Village Voice that the film was actually carefully planned, rehearsed, and directed by him and Frank, who shot the film on a professionally lit studio set.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bob and John

Welcome to the Soul Vlog.
Our first video is a taxi ride with Bob Dylan and John Lennon in 1966: