Friday, June 30, 2006

Fantastic Planet

Trippy French animated film from 1973. This time done with sounds by aphex twin, venetian snares, prefuse 73, matmos, clue to kalo.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Clann An Drumma, Scottish Tribal Music

Clann An Drumma - Culloden

My mother arrived today from Edinburgh with tales of the vibrant and busy city. In honour of my Scots blood (of the clan Gordon) I give you Clann An Drumma. Scottish Tribal Music!

Clann An Drumma, Scots Gaelic for "Children of the Drum" is a tribal band from Glasgow, Scotland. Clann An Drumma was formed by Joe Kilna MacKenzie, Jacquie Holland and Tu-Bardh Stormcrow Wilson among others. Like many other bands, their line-up has changed over the years.

Their music involves heavy use of percussion (namely traditional Scottish drums) and Highland bagpipes with an emphasis on the more traditional "tribal" sounds of ancient Scotland. The band's motto is "Keep it Tribal".

One of their more well-known pieces is "Sgt. MacKenzie". It was composed by Joe MacKenzie in memory of his great grandfather, Charles Stuart MacKenzie, who died in battle during World War I. "Sgt. MacKenzie" is perhaps a departure from their normal style, as its drumming and piping are subdued and it is primarily a vocal piece. It was featured in the soundtrack to the 2002 film, We Were Soldiers. To date the band has released a total of seven albums.

Joe Kilna MacKenzie died after a long illness, on 28 April 2009. RIP Joe.

More from Clann An Drumma here.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rhzome #1

Rhizome #1 is about a squatted art and community space that took place in Brighton in january 2001. It was orgainised by an anarchist collective called SPOR, which developed from the original Spiral Tribe founders with a focus of providing active spaces of freedom within local communities, based on the thought that "without somewhere to be free then freedom is nothing more than an abstract. They base their activities on a method of action that draws inspiration from Hakim Bey's concept of 'temporary autonomous zones' and from a Deleuzian notion of the rhizome which they put into action. They consciously organise a network that does not attempt to maintain a permanent political presence but which rather appears at indeterminate intervals, inspired by the mushroom which fruits intermittently on the basis on an ongoing mycelium. Their experiments inspire and spread this network of ideas, people, connections and actions.
Directed by Matt Lee the film was made by Indifference Productions and Weigh In, Way Out Productions, independent film-makers active in Brighton, UK.