Saturday, May 14, 2016

Arena BBC Who Is Poly styrene? (1979)

Marianne Joan Elliott-Said (3 July 1957 – 25 April 2011), known by the stage name Poly Styrene, was a British musician, singer-songwriter, and frontwoman for the punk rock band X-Ray Spex.

MC5: A True Testimonial

I put the documentary up here...but it did not last long on YouTube and was taken down...I am leaving the post here as it is one of the most inspiring films about a rock n rock revolution band you will ever see. The MC5 were more than a band, in their prime they were a whole way of living and understaning the world. We will sadly not see their like again, at least not in the plastic corporate world of emotions for cash that we live in today

MC5: A True Testimonial is a 2002 feature-length documentary film about the MC5, a Detroit-based rock band of the 1960s and early 1970s. The film was produced by Laurel Legler and directed by David C. Thomas; the couple spent more than seven years working on the project. Although the MC5 are considered very influential today, they were relatively obscure in their time.

To make the film, Thomas collected photographs and film clips of varying quality, including U.S. government surveillance footage of the MC5's performance at the protests that took place outside the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. He interviewed the surviving members of the band and people closely associated with it. In the editing room, Thomas matched the band's recordings to the silent footage he had collected.

MC5: A True Testimonial made its premiere on August 22, 2002, at the Chicago Underground Film Festival. Three weeks later it made its international premiere on September 11 at the Toronto International Film Festival. In November of that year, the film was awarded an "Honorable Mention" as a debut feature at the Raindance Film Festival.

MC5 Black to Comm (1970)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Brion Gysin Teaching

Cut ups slightly modified by modern means with lecture by Bryon Gysin track 04 called "Teaching" from LP, live London 1982