Monday, December 10, 2007

Glastonbury Fayre 1971

Documentary film presented by The Late Shift on the 1971 Glastonbury Festival - 1 hr 33 min 18 sec. More info at UK Rockfestivals
One of the most legendary and mystical festivals held in the Uk, the second Glastonbury Festival was held to coincide with the summer ... all » solstice - mainly because of the deeply held beliefs of the organizers - who instead of being hard faced promoters - were pretty much immersed in the pudding of mysticism. In this sense they were far more in tune with their potential audience than those who were only into promoting festivals to make money. Those who attended this bash attest that this was something out of the ordinary, the festival transcended the usual obstacles to having a great time.

The weather was, for a British 'summer' - very good, there were no major hassles from locals, the police or health inspectors. It shows how, given the right circumstances, a music festival could really break through the conventional barriers that regulate behaviour and which prevent us from really being ourselves. This was one of the rare UK festivals where the British reserve was truly dissolved and almost everyone let their hair down, the barriers between audience and performers melted, at times they became one and the film attests to the truth of this happening, its the only film of a British rock festival which is truly uplifting .Possibly one reason for this was that the event was only attended by about 7,000, and was more or less free, being subsidised by a coterie of well heeled heads.

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