Monday, March 19, 2012


This is an intense and brilliant documentary about the seductive horror that is crystal methamphetamine use, told from the perspective of American gay men. This is a drug that will take your life to pieces, set it on fire and then flush the remains down the toilet,  all the while you are believing you are king/queen of the world. That is until you are a twitching, emaciated, jabbering, paranoid, bleeding, homeless, messed-up slave or dead.

METH explores the rising wave of crystal methamphetamine use within the gay population. Through the reflections of a dozen gay men, we learn of the drug's allure, its promise, and why its popularity is soaring. Some of the men in the film are current users, and they share their life with us while under the constant influence of "Tina." Other interviewees are former denizens of "Tina World," who have managed to crawl back from the depths to which their addictions brought them. Throughout, METH is an unflinching look at the devastating effects of addiction to this very serious drug. Now on iTunes.

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