Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Iban Sea Dayaks of Borneo (1956)

The Borneo Story: 'The Dyaks' from The Doozer on Vimeo.

The fifth in a series of very hard to find films on Borneo produced by Tom Harrisson and Hugh Gibb and first broadcast on the BBC in the late 1950s. The culture and lifestyle of the Iban Sea Dayaks living on the Skrang River are documented. Included are religious practices, agriculture, cooking methods, textiles, and headhunting. Hugh Gibb and Tom Harrisson for British television. (1956)


evelyn chingan said...

Yes, I love this footage but then all those in the footage are now long gone or they in their seventies or eighties,,bla..bla..the background music is nice cos the sounds of the gongs are made of pure brass or bronze. Thanks for posting, James Barrett.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to James Barrett for posting the footage.