Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Malcolm McLaren: Artful Dodger

A tribute to the inspirational manager and artist who revolutionised the music business in the 1970s with the Sex Pistols and punk fashion. McLaren later brought us Duck Rock and managed Bow Wow Wow. With previously unseen interviews with McLaren and contributions from members of the Sex Pistols, Adam Ant, son Joe Corre, Jonathan Ross, The New York Dolls and many others.

"Better to be a flamboyant failure, than any kind of benign success"

At 11.17 the New York Dolls' and Johnny Thunders' drummer is interviewed: Jerry Nolan, but on the screen it says Sylvain Sylvain (The NY Dolls' guitarist). Nolan died in '92, Sylvain still plays with the revived Dolls... that's a terrible error and unexpected by somebody with the standards of the BBC.

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