Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Syd Barrett - Under Review

Released in the UK on 23rd January 2006, the "Syd Barrett - Under Review" DVD is an hour-long look at the musical history of the former Pink Floyd frontman. On the Chrome Dreams label, it promises "rare performance footage never before on DVD" - a boast common to many DVDs coming out these days.
It does not really deliver much other than a historical account of Syd Barrett as a musician from the perspectives of a random collection of people.

The documentary is a mix of footage of Syd with the other Floyds, in performance, in the studio and live, along with commentary from contributors such as authors Chris Welch and David Parker, Uncut Magazine’s features editor Nigel Williamson, journalist Malcolm Dome, and perhaps most interestingly, (albeit frustratingly brief), former Soft Machine bassist who backed Syd on Madcap Laughs, Hugh Hopper.
This documentary is marginal to say the least. It could be called Syd Barrett 101 - the so-called experts seem to be just giving their opinions about Syd's work. Some make mistakes with song titles and albums.

Here's the link to the article concerning Barrett's visit to the studio during the recording of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" in '75
Link to the BBC session version of Terrapin -

In this video Roger Waters speaks about his life, work and friendship with Syd Barrett. This almost hour long discussion sheds some light on what Syd was like as a band mate and artist.

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