Sunday, September 01, 2013

Google Has Killed This Blog

I have been running this video blog since 2006. First with Blogger and then under Google. I purchased the domain name in 2009 and have been paying for it since then. In July I misplaced my wallet while traveling in the UK. I had to renew my cards. Since doing this my payment details at Google lapsed. I missed a automatic payment on this blog. I have tried to log into my Google Apps account but have failed dozens of time with a constant 'Invalid Request' message. I have renewed passwords, changed settings, tried different browsers, logged out of all accounts, everything. I cannot do anything about it due to the structure of the so-called service supplied by Google. Therefore this blog will die soon. I am infuriated with Google. What sort of company has no support unless you pay for a premium account, even though you do pay for their services?

I will download everything on this blog and move it elsewhere. Keep an eye out for I hope to be able to provide interesting videos for you soon.


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maggieannthoeni said...

Hope this reaches you and I'm so sorry to read of your beyond major blog hassle. Arrived here in search for references to 'bernays democracity'. Wondered if anyone other than Adam Curtis has focused in on Bernays-democracity ploy to link capitalism to democracy. (From 'hits' it appears only or mostly Curtis has pointed this out with the specific Bernays example.) Your site came among hits. Am posting to alert you that when/if you get re-established, you may want to change your link to "Century of Self". Vimeo the only remaining source. I've posted info on this here: While I'm here I want to say the thrust of your site (video driven?) interests me. I'll explore more and hope to find you well set-up soon!! Maggie