Saturday, March 15, 2014

Miles Electric: A Different Kind of Blue

Miles Electric: A Different Kind of Blue is presenting footage of Miles Davis' performance at the British Isle of Wight Festival on August 29, 1970. It presents interview clips from a range of those involved, including Chick Corea, Dave Holland, Airto Moreira, and musicians who were in Davis' musical orbit at the time such as Carlos Santana. It includes interviews with some of the band's participants.

Miles Davis played at the largest pop festival in history to an audience of 600,000.


1. A Spiritual Orgasm
2. "So What" Kind Of Blue 1964
3. Fender Rhodes Piano The New Electric Toy
4. Bitches Brew Shaking The Foundations
5. Betti Davis And Miles' Hard Core Rock
6. Boxing, Improvisation And Miles' Music
7. Caught Up In The Craziness Of The Sixties
8. The Critics' Jazz - The Dirty Word
9. Embracing The Shock Of Electricity
10. The Isle Of Wight - The Sidemen
11. "Call It Anything" The Isle Of Wight Concert 1970
12. Trinute To Miles' Genius
13. End Credits

Produced & directed by Murray Lerner
Executive Producers Terry Shand and Geoff Kempin

This documentary about Miles Davis' legendary gig at the Isle of Wight Festival has won "Banff Rockie Award" in 2005 - at Banff Television Festival - for category "Best Arts Documentary" [MFT and Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd. (in association with)].

Music Compositions - Written by Miles Davis

"MIles Run the Voodoo Down"
"Bitches Brew"
"So What" Live on Steve Allen Show 1964
"Bitches Brew" Live at Copenhagen 1969
"Spanish Key"
"Pharaoh's Dance"
"Right Off"
"Moja" Live at Tokyo 1973
"Untitled 04" Live at Newport 1971
"Black Satin"
"What I say"
"Willie Nelson"
"On the Corner"
"Untitled 04" Live at Copenhagen 1982
"Call It Anything" Live at Isle of Wight 1970
"So What"
"Untitled 04" Live at Stockholm 1973

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