Sunday, January 10, 2016

William S. Burroughs - Profile and Interview BBC Radio (1982)

John Walters interviews Barry Miles and William Burroughs for ''Walters Week'' a weekly arts programme on BBC Radio 1 . Broadcast - 11-11- 1982 - includes ''The Do - Rights'' and ''The Wild Fruits''. Overall I find Waters to be vague, conciliatory and ill informed when it comes to his interview. He skirts around topics, repeating the relevancy of London to Burroughs' writing over and over again but not really taking up what that writing dealt with. The opening sequence with Barry Miles is insightful, speaking as he does about the underground press in the 1960s and its embrace of the writing of Burroughs. Otherwise I found myself infuriated by Mr Walters ill-prepared and heavy technique. The two readings by Burroughs are excellent, particularly "The Do-Rights" is very funny.

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