Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Art as Ritual Discussion Panel, Applied Mythology Project's Dark Paradise Exhibit

As part of the Dark Paradise exhibit curated by Yin Shadowz and the Applied Mythology Project at LAST Projects Gallery in Hollywood in Oct./Nov. 2015, a diverse group of women come together to discuss "Art As Ritual" in today's world, exploring the topic from various perspectives including depth psychology, folklore, popular culture and the occult, mysticism, social justice, and inequity. The panel explores the archetype of the new perennialist, the postmodern search for authenticity in expressive culture, the role of magic in everyday life, living one's life as art, the role of ritual in art-making practices, and inequity of space for creative exploration. Panelists include Jennifer Selig, professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute and author on depth psychology and archetypal studies; Sabina Magliocco, professor at CSUN, ethnographer, and author on folklore and the Neopagan revival; Tanja M. Laden, founder of PopCurious, writer and biographer of Marjorie Cameron,; Maja d'Aoust, practicing white witch, artist and speaker on esoteric studies; and Rochelle Martin, Chicana artist. The panel is moderated by co-curators Kristin Trammell and Meagan Boyd.
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