Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ghettomoto (Ghetto Fire)

Against a backdrop of post election violence follow the journey of self-discovery of Timothy Mwaura, a ghetto poet from Kangemi Kenya. Screened at the London International Documentary Film Festival 2011
A phone call from the frontline of post election riots in Kenya opens the story of Timothy Mwaura a ghetto poet and rapper who gives an eyewitness account of his experience of the aftermath of the recent tribal tension. Through the eyes of a ghetto poet, from the red dirt streets of Kamgemi, a ghetto in Nairobi, this documentary follows a journey of rediscovery of the roots, culture, and politics of Tim's people; his search for peace and understanding amidst war torn Africa.
Ghetto Motto follows Timothy's efforts to redefine his identity in Kenya in 2008 as he tries to find balance between his concept of nationalism and tribal roots, as pressures from the current political situation force people to takes sides in this government and opposition party endorsed retribution.
The movie looks at the aftermath and the stories of some survivors of Kenya's recent tribal unrest and how music and poetry can begin to heal the divide and damage from this conflict and evolve social consciousness.

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