Sunday, December 04, 2016

In The Mood for Love (Chinese: 花樣年華)

Wong Kar-wai is a genius. The scenes flow and it feels like one is breathing in and then breathing out as they change. He seems to sweep us up in a moving painting that is framed by the music. Characters melt into walls and then appear again. All the while they swim in sensuality and passion. Incredible film. Just incredible.

Hong Kong, 1962. The city is tranquil and courteous, but divided between indigenous Cantonese Chinese and immigrants from mainland China. Through coincidence, Chow Mo-wan, a journalist, moves into an apartment building occupied mainly by Shanghainese at the same time as Su Li-zhen, a secretary, while their spouses are away. When Chow finds out their respective spouses are having an affair, the two of them grow closer as they commiserate, finding more and more excuses to spend time with each other.

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