Friday, June 29, 2012

The Amazing Daniel Higgs

"You are not alone in the midst of song. You are not even close" - Daniel Higgs

Daniel Higgs from Sandy Carson Photography on Vimeo.
Daniel Higgs St David's Episcopal Church. Austin, TX. February 6th 2010.

Watch this and learn.

Daniel A.I.U Higgs, Interdimensional Song-Seamstress and Corpse-Dancer of the Mystic Crags was born in the Harbor City of Baltimore, USA in the early-mid sixties of the previous millenium. Having begun singing 25 years ago, he is perhaps best known as the singer and lyricist of the band Lungfish, which is now, as it often has been, quasi if not entirely defunct. Presently, the music Daniel manifests proceeds without the blessing/curse and help/hinderance of collaborative influence.

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