Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Page of Madness (Japanese Silent Film from 1926)

A Page of Madness from mac11215 on Vimeo.

A Page of Madness (狂った一頁 Kurutta Ippēji or Kurutta Ichipeiji) is a silent film that was made in 1926 by Japanese film director Teinosuke Kinugasa and an avant garde group of artists in Japan called the Shinkankaku-ha (or School of New Perceptions). It was lost for 50 years, until Kinugasa found it in his storehouse in 1971. In the film, a man works as a janitor in an asylum in order to be with his wife, who is a patient there. The print of the film that currently exists is significantly shorter than what was shown in theaters in 1926, and the adaption of the film in this presentation has been further edited by Loren Connors from over an hour to 30 minutes. The original soundtrack for this presentation is by Loren Connors.

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