Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weirdnight on Radio 100 Amsterdam [1998]

Recording of one of the many Weirdnight shows on the legendary Radio100 in Amsterdam.
Weirdnight was a bi-monthly, Saturday night gathering of various program makers.

Free Radio 100 Amsterdam was a pirate radio station that ran from 1986-2004. It was eventually closed by the Dutch authorities following years of harassment and intimidation.

This recording:
Sounds and mixes by Bergman (00:00-30:00) and Exit Frame (30:00-59:00)
Introductory words By JT (DFM) & Bergman (Zvook)
Studio: Dakafka, Roses, The-j, Onkruid, Lebrain
Original recording was done on a C60 audio cassette tape so there is a cut where the tape turns at around 30:00

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