Saturday, December 21, 2013

Martin Sharp's "Street Of Dreams" - Brighton Edit (1988)

Part documentary and part collage, "Martin Sharp's Street Of Dreams" is an amazing and magical look at the one-and-only Herbert Khaury (a.k.a. Tiny Tim), as well as a look at Sydney's own Luna Park and the infamous Ghost Train fire (an incident which killed seven people). An almost decade long labor of love, Martin Sharp provides an inside look at pop music's most eccentric and sincere performer, long after fame and fortune (and Miss Vicki) had left him. He was more than a musician, or an entertainer. He was a direct link to the music of days gone by, and in Martin Sharp's words "The Eternal Troubadour". To call him anything else would be ignoring the fact that he poured both his heart and soul into every performance, be it for ten people or ten thousand. However, Tiny Tim wasn't without his fair share of personal demons. He constantly struggled with a love for alcohol and an obsessive passion for women, and there are many instances where both his desires and devotion to Jesus seem to present a man with mental instability. But it is these imperfections, combined with his ever-present humility and overall good humor, that fully round out the man and make him all the more believable and human. The film, while mainly focusing on Tiny Tim, also covers the story of Sydney's Luna Park and the controversy of the Ghost Train fire.

The film is tied together with video footage of Tiny's 1979 attempt to break the World Professional Non-Stop Singing Record (a record he would later break again in the same year this film was completed), as well as footage of the time he spent as an entertainer at Luna Park. This particular edit was aired May 24th 1988 in Brighton, England. After the film was shown Tiny began his third and final World Professional Non-Stop Singing Record. There are several people to thank for this, and they would be Martin Sharp, Esteban Rincon, and the administrators of the Tiny Tim Facebook fanpage. Without Martin Sharp's love and adoration for Tiny Tim, almost two decades of the singer's life would have been lost to history. Martin Sharp first saw Tiny Tim perform at The Royal Albert Hall in 1969. After seeing him perform, Martin Sharp would go on to record many of Tiny's on and off stage performances, his first recording being from 1974 at the Newcastle West Leagues Club. He continued to produce and support Tiny Tim well into the early nineties, and in 2007 re-released two of Tiny Tim's albums he produced ("Chameleon" and "Wonderful World Of Romance") as well as a compilation of previously unreleased studio and live performances titled "Stardust". Without Esteban Rincon, I would have never received a copy of the film and therefore been unable to share it with the world. Many thanks to the Admins. at Tiny's Facebook page for providing facts about the film. I do not claim ownership of this video, and I believe rights belong to Martin Sharp and everyone mentioned in the credits (Credits start at 1:42:00) Licensing of songs and music are also presented in the credits.

(Disclaimer: There are several scenes in the film containing nudity, though it is presented tastefully.)

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