Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sky Needle

From the wilds of Australia, Sky Needle bleed over Europe in the summer of 2013.

Part concert footage and part fly-on-the-wall travelogue, it was shot on consumer-point camcorders by different band members and produced and edited by member Alex Cuffe, who photographed the cover of Sky Needle’s recent second album Debased Shapes.

Like their music, which is proudly made using only homemade instruments, the film teases out tranquil beauty from the margins of weird, misshapen jags. It’s as much about the band’s clatter-delic soundtrack as it is about the constant downtime, spanning museums, airports, churches, rental cars, runways and travelators and taking in quick snatches of meals, drinks and timely one-liners. There are other idiosyncratic bands captured live as well, including The Pheromoans and Yuri Landman.

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