Sunday, May 18, 2014

Anarchism In Spain - Living Utopia Documentary

Living Utopia is a 1997 documentary produced by TVE and directed by Juan Gamero , in which the lived experiences of the anarcho-syndicalists in Spain are related. Anarchism radically transformed the structures of society in large parts of the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).

The film consists of 30 interviews with survivors of the Spanish anarchist revolution, whose testimony shows the constructive work of the social revolution and the historical background of the Spanish libertarian movement. This construction work according to the documentary meant organizing an agricultural community of about 7 million farmers, 3,000 factories and collectively managed firms in cities, the union of anarchists 150,000 militiamen against fascism, as well as cultural , educational activities and the movement of women against patriarchy .

Anarchists interviewed are Miguel Alba, Ramon Alvarez , Federico Arcos , Marcelino Bailo, Batet María Severino Campos, Francisco Carrasquer , Miguel Celma , Valerio Chiné ; José Spain , José Fortea , Juan Gimenez, Antonio Lahuerta , Concha Liano , Fidel Miró, Aurora Molina, Molina Helenus , Conxa Perez, Event Portals , Dolors Prat , Ximo Queirol , Wonders Rodríguez , Juan Romero, Manuel Sanz, Liberto Sarrau Jose Sauces Josep Serra Estruch , Antonio Turon Urzáiz and Jose Antonio Zapata.

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